My name is Gloria, I live and work in Rome.
I am known by people as “La Gloria dei Colori”.
Drawing and painting have always been my passions.
I studied Fine Arts as an artist and illustrator in Buenos Aires and Rome. I later graduated from college and I am also as a psychologist in Rome. I worked for many years as graphic design and art director.


I like to share with people my world of design and colors that I have created in my “Laboratorio dell’Espressione” during the past 25 years, in Rome. The “Laboratorio dell’ Espressione” is a space where you can learn how to express yourself by drawing.
My drawings have been printed on objects, cloth for clothing design and llustrated in several books, published in Argentina and Italy.
Although the design is my greatest passion, I am also a “psychologist who draws”. Yes, for many years, my job as a psychologist, has offered me the opportunity to observe the world inside and outside of me that allows me to artistically express my interpretation in my own way, that is full of humor and colors.


I am very curious, I love traveling, listening to music, the sea and chocolate.
My favorite colors are red and magenta.