La Gloria dei Colori | ABOUT
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The Glory of Colours (and emotions).


There would be no other ways to describe Gloria Rovere in an instant.

Impossible to stereotype, it is on the contrary very easy to describe her story with a rainbow, because there are no doubts that colours have been the strongest constant in her life.

A “palette”, we might say, that moves from the warm tones of her home country, Argentina – the same tones that accompanied her throughout her childhood and taught her conviviality, reception, and human warmth, as well as joy, light heartedness, and freedom from predefined schemes. It is with time that her “swatch book” has declined towards different tones, having travelled with her to Italy, to discover a different country and its culture – and to fall in love with them too.

Finally, a mix of nuances is that of the constant experiments she keeps conducting on herself, to understand “who am I”, colours which have found no other answers (at least so far) other than just be.

If Gloria’s colours tell of the thousands emotions and expressions of her life and creativity, the “shapes” of her art are none the less: her portfolio of experiences moves from illustrations on the precious Como silks, to drawings for children, from the creative direction of an advertising agency, to the fashion design experiments on bags and hats, and then a continuous research of “things” to do, to create, and to colour.

Gloria’s colours have not stopped with objects, but went well beyond. This is how, with an approach always original, she gets also passionate for people and their colours: she narrates her “folks” with Digital Portraits, that is, faces and stories she meets in her daily life.

Yet Gloria’s rainbow is never complete, as there seems to be new tones to discover every day. After some creative vicissitudes and a path full of hurdles, this idea has led to birth of the box she has been dreaming of for years, the container where to keep all her magic: her own brand, with one single, very serious object – to play.